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King Day: Observed a day late – peaceful arrest record set!


Baldwinsville, New York (Jan 18, 2000) – A local man walked into the Syracuse Federal Building today at 2 pm and was arrested for his attempt to demonstrate inside the building (the building was closed on Monday for the holiday). As a matter of fact he has been arrested over 11 times in the last two months and spent about 20 days in jail – he keeps being released by City Judges who know he will be right back. He is familiar to many of the deputies at the Justice Center, and was recently told he has "set the record for number of separate arrests in a month." Why?

John Murtari, a resident of Baldwinsville (a native of Lyons, NY), a former Air Force Pilot and Academy Graduate is doing this for the sake of his 6 year old child, Domenic, and for a general reform in the Nation’s Family Law system. He has earned the respect of many people by his personable approach to protesting – trying to imitate the style established by Martin Luther King.

Unlike many protestors he treats everyone, including the people he disagrees with – with courtesy and respect – and he finds people respond. In an unusual event he was actually given Court permission to demonstrate inside the Onondaga County Courthouse – carrying a small picture of his son and quietly walking the halls.

Mr. Murtari is the founder of the Internet based group Kids-Right.Org, recognized as a Human Rights groups by the editors of Yahoo. Made up of both mothers & fathers, they would  like to see Congressional hearings into Family Law Reform and passage of the Family Rights Act.  The solution the group recommends to this would involve giving the parent/child relationship the same Constitutional protections offered most criminals -- the Jury.


The web site highlights the philosophy and experience of both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, two great practitioners of Civil Disobedience, who practiced a style which showed respect and love for your opponent, while demonstrating your own belief through personal Non-Violent Action.

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More info is available at:
For more information check the web site,, or contact: (there are video clips of the last protest available).Murtari’s office can be reached at 315-635-1968

A spokesperson for the Kids-Right group, Mary Chancellor (Tennessee), can be reached
at: 423-326-0585