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[AKidsRight.Org] Your FEEDBACK: Asking to be charged on 100 driving incidents.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Dec 04 2005 - 19:41:26 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

The bulk of this email contains your FEEDBACK on my recent message
about asking to be charged by the DA for over 100 incidents of driving
with a suspended license.  It generated a LOT of feedback.  There were
a couple of excellent web sites mentioned with case law in this area.

If you would like to read my letter and motion to the Court (which
includes the complete background of what happened and how I ended up
$55,000 behind) check the following.

For the story, please see:
For even more background see:

My Trial is scheduled for 8:30 AM on Dec 12th, in Lyons, NY -- which
is half way between Rochester and Syracuse. It would certainly be nice
to have some people there with me.  If you think you can make the
trip, please let me know and I look forward to seeing you.  Hopefully,
we'll be able to talk before and after the Trial. To pull up an
on-line map just use the Village Court address: 79 William Street,
Lyons, NY 14489

TWO sites with great case law:
Roger Knight's:
Devvy Kidd:


--- Sanjay Srikonda <>

> Can I ask a very naive question?  Why is the child support at 55k?
> Did you not pay it or did you just not agree with it?

Thanks for writing. I think you will find a full explanation here: that should answer all
your questions.  I'd welcome any thoughts you have after review.


> I personally will be contacting the Judge and asking him to nail the
> creep to the wall.  You are no innocent victim.  You broke the law.
> You have refused to obey the law and pay child support.  You lost
> your license because of it, and broke it again by continuing to
> drive.  Take the plea, don't make matters worse by fighting
> something you created.  I feel sorry for the children you refuse to
> support.

Thanks for the message. I actually thing I've provided quite a bit of
financial support for my son.  If you have time, please read the
entire history at It's
about 8 pages, I'd welcome your perspective after you've had a chance
to review.


> Regarding your driver's license issues I rad about, Please see

> She has some excellent case cites on the right to travel.  Hopefully
> these will help your case.

Thank you very much for the link.  I 've had a lot of replies and
yours has been the most useful!  I might be able to reuse a lot of
that and submit the arguments to the Court now.

--- "Jeffery" <>

> You may find some valuable information from Roger Knight whose
> website is .

> I understand that he has successfully fought license suspensions in
> the past somehow.  At least he is very knowledgeable about the law,
> besides being a brilliant individual. I emailed him on your behalf.
> So I hope you connect with him and exchange thoughts on the matter.
> I wish you well.  I pray your mother is ok.


> So sorry to hear the authorities are victimizing you this way.
> In my own situation I packed my few remaining possessions and
> emigrated. I will never acknowledge the authority of such courts and
> openly declare my contempt for them.  God bless you.

I saw your web site, very cute son you have there!  Sorry to hear what
happened to you.  I see you quote Martin Luther King.  For those that
can I do think we need to take action and demonstrate a willingness to
sacrifice for what we believe in. We have more history at the site:


> I believe this was a very dangerous thing for you to have done.  To
> have admitted guilt to consistently breaking the law nearly 100
> times.  If you testify, they'll have all the evidence they need to
> not only lock away a repeat offender, but to also claim that you are
> unfit as a parent because you take the law into your own hands when
> the need arises for your convenience.
> I know this sounds harsh but I believe it will be the way they will
> paint this picture.  If they do manage to get you on all counts,
> there could be an exorbitant fine (perhaps $55K) along with the
> jail time.

Well, the fact I drove over a hundred times is the truth and they know
that I have been driving (its a necessity).  Regarding the other
clams, it is true they can say many, many things.  I can't control

--- John <>

> I admire your integrity and stance on whet you believe to be an
> unjust law. Unfortunately I am in Georgia and I can only pry for
> God,s guidance. Mike Yohe

Thanks for the kind words and the words of prayer. Guidance in
choosing the correct path needs to be asked for.

--- Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, M.D. <>

> I just mailed out the attached to the attached mailing list with
> peel and stick labels...

Judge Nicholas Forgione  79 William St.Lyons, NY 14489		
Mr. Richard Wunder (Prosecutor),  54 Broad St,  Lyons, NY 14489
Mr. Richard Healey (DA),  Hall of Justice, Suite 202,  Lyons, NY 1489				

November 30, 2005

Regarding John Murtari:

   I have known Mr. Murtari for over ten years.  I too have suffered a
   loss of my only child through "no fault of my own".  My daughter,
   now 16 was allowed to move out of Wisconsin years ago by a judge
   who has shown no personal interest in my daughter or me to date.
   Like Mr. Murtari, I am ready, willing and able to support my
   daughter when she is with me.  I am a fit parent who is capable of
   providing a warm and loving environment for her.  Unfortunately,
   through no fault of my own, my daughter is forced to live in a
   father absent environment where numerous studies have shown will
   give rise to a higher rate of teenage pregnancy, depression as an
   adult and poorer grades in school.

   Mr. Murtari is ready, willing and able to provide that same warm
   and caring environment to his son Dominic; however, he is not
   allowed to do that.  His son now lives thousands of miles away
   through no fault of John's.  Forcing John to pay child support and
   then taking away his driver's license without a jury trial of our
   peers is like the Chinese government or Stalin's former government,
   who take away basic freedoms based on rumors and innuendo.
   Mr. Murtari is guilty of no crime.  

   If freedoms that other citizens enjoy are taken from him, he should
   be first and foremost allowed the opportunity to defend himself in
   front of a jury of his peers.  Recent polls have shown that the
   general public is sick and tired of the way "family" courts treat
   fathers.  I believe that if given the opportunity, no jury would
   take away his right to drive.  Mr. Murtari deserves praise for his
   efforts to stop our government from harming our children.  His
   actions help make our country a better place to live and raise our
   children.  If only our founding fathers could know how fathers are
   being treated today, they would have made sure that this would
   never happen.  Do what is right and don't hold Mr. Murtari
   responsible for laws that are unconstitutional and harmful to our
   children.  Either give Mr. Murtari a jury trial, or leave him

				Malcolm Hatfield, MD

--- roger baril <>

> i am very impressed with your approach here and commend and support
> you.  i too am a single father. i have a 4 year old daughter. i have
> been given 10% visitation and no say at all in any decision. i am a
> good dad, no criminal record, a good citizen and devoted and bonded
> to my girl. i have had a real eye opening experience of the justice
> system. and this is very manipulative and based on story that is not
> true.
Yes, as you, I found it hard to believe until I saw it happen to me
with my own eyes.  That is the obstacle we face in reform; convincing
people of the need for reform without them having experienced it.

--- Ann Adams <>

> My son was caught in the same "driver's license" trap.  He didn't
> know his license had been suspended until after he took a driving
> job and they ran his license almost a month later.

> CA also restricts employment.  People (not just men) can't hold any
> job that requires a state license.
> He left the Army involuntarily due to "downsizing" several years
> ago. His marriage broke up and he had problems finding full time
> work. When he was working, he paid support but meantime the past due
> piled up and CA charges interest on the unpaid balance.  They
> reinstated his license but too late.  He was out of work once again
> which meant he couldn't pay the child support so, of course, they
> suspended his license again.  (and reinstated - over and over).
> Because of the interest, he'll never catch up completely

--- Montie Roland <>

> You had to make a difficult call.  I'm not completely sure I would
> have made the same decision, but I'm not in the situation so I don't
> know.  I believe that you are in a situation where standing up for
> what is right will cost you.
Yes, it was not easy.  If you have not read the details/history,
please look at the document:
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/support/lyons2.pdf (about 8 pages)
> Unfortunately it will also (most likely)cost your kids somehow.  But
> if you do what is right, I'm sure they will get more than it costs
> them back in respect for their father and see how a man properly
> behaves.
> Hang in there.  Don't forget to keep asking the following questions:
> - Is what I am doing right?
> - Am I just be stubborn or does what I'm doing have a real purpose?
> - Am I motivated by revenge?
> - Is there a better use of my time?
I like your list of questions.  We have a 'checklist' for NonViolent
Action at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/checklist.htm

> Publisher,

--- "Kopp, Erik" <>

> In California after you fall behind 30 days they take away
> professional licenses (real estate, commercial driver license,
> contractors license etc.) and driver licenses as well as your
> passport.  Then once you are current you have to pay all of these
> fees and wait months to get it reinstated.  Absurd how do you get
> to work?  how do you make any money without your professional
> license.

--- Jim Baccari <>

> John, I haven't read the filings yet, I will, and must say, this is
> the type of peaceful action that hopefully has an outcome that
> creates public attention in which you could very easily gain
> sympathy and open the door to discuss injustices.
> I really wish I knew then what I now know when I went through my
> situation. It would have been a public display of bias.
> I wish you well on this, hopefully your outcome is positive and
> mainly for you

--- Shelly Barreras <>

> My prayers will be with you on this matter John. Jesus rewards those
> who do His work by faith. God bless you!

> And The Truth Continues...
> and

--- Rose Johnson <>

>   Just a quick note to say "congratulations" on your Dec. 12 hearing
>   date to address some needed, overdue, commonsense issues.
>   Hope you are able to get some legislators to attend the hearing
>   and maybe submit for some 2006 law change on the child support
>   vs. right to travel as needed, issues.
>   Take a look at the Idaho website when you get the opportunity -
>   www.IJAA.Net Keep up the good work - God bless -
>   http://www.IJAA.Net/

Thanks for the call last night.  I went to the website and read the
act.  I liked it very much.  Judicial misconduct review should be
conducted by plain citizens, just as you say.  It should be done in
all states.

--- Fran <>

> I understand completely.  I believe you are doing the right thing in
> challenging this silly law.  Every person should have the
> constitutional right to travel our highways.  It should have NOTHING
> to do with child support and family matters.  Fran in Florida.

--- "Marc S." <>

> I hope you will make a written request of the court to allow the
> trial to be recorded on videotape...

That is a great idea.  We could actually put it on the website.  My
big problem is just getting someone to help and just take care of it.
You know how it goes, lots of ideas but it is hard to find folks who
have time to help.  I may try to see if I can bring a tape recorder to
get an audio recording.

[ NOTE: I did contact the Village Court.  There will be a Court
Reporter there that day to record the proceeding ]

--- "Roger Knight" <>

> John, you will find all of the information concerning my fight
> against child support license suspension and DWLS prosecution on my
> website

> The /sitemap.htm page lists the pleadings and pdf files of my
> extensive litigations.  The driver's license issues are listed on
> these pages: /46753-1.htm /548476.htm /c02-201r.htm /c02-879l.htm
> /c02-1641c /cq54646kc.htm and /mic84199.htm

> This represents a tremendous amount of litigation.  My frustration
> is that we cannot seem to get even a half dozen noncustodials to
> litigate this way, and yet, if only a few hundred were willing to do
> it in each state we could OVERWHELM the system and force its
> recognition of our rights, or at least get it to leave some of us
> alone!

> It may look like I lose a lot, and I do.  The judges just do not
> want to admit that I am right.  Yet they never designate any
> decision involving me for publication, because as you can see in
> some of their decisions, they cannot really figure out how to say I
> am wrong without screwing up the case law on such things as the
> rules of statutory construction!  They do not want to give me any
> publicity or give any attorneys and pro se litigants the necessity
> of writing my name in their pleadings in citing a published opinion.

> But, at the same time, I BEAT 5, count 'em, FIVE CRIMINAL CHARGES OF
> DWLS!  All because the process server BLEW the serve!  It helps to
> have an argument that will work!

--- "Clarence-Shashi Maloney" <>

> Thanks for your brave stand. I hope this gets published in your
> newspapers and will have an effect on legislation.

--- Tammy Bowman <>

> Beautifully written, and outstanding courage. My thoughts and
> prayers are with you as you fight thru this corruption, not just for
> yourself, but for the higher good of all children.

--- "Tim" <>

> Way to go John!  God bless you and thank you.  I support you all the
> way!

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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