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Events in Syracuse / Your FEEDBACK

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From: Webmaster (webmaster@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 16:41:58 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith:

This message contains information on:
1. Current Events in Syracuse - Murtari jailed.
2. Your FEEDBACK - to events in Syracuse.

1. Current Events in Syracuse - Murtari jailed.
John Murtari returned to the Federal Building today and was taken into
custody.  We do not have any further details at the moment, but will
update the web site as they become available:

2. Your FEEDBACK - to events in Syracuse.
There was a LOT of feedback generated to the last message regarding the
ongoing NonViolent Action in Syracuse, see:

What follows below is part of the early feedback.  Everyone who wrote to
John should get a reply as conditions permit.  In the messages below,
lines prefaced by ">" are your thoughts.  John did reply to everyone, in
a few of the messages below, part of his replies are included between
your text.

Some summary thoughts:

Probably the largest amount of feedback we have gotten to a message, and
expect more in the next one on the same topic.  We'd like to say that
shows almost everyone sees a need for "action" of some type.  The
messages also include a mix of emotion, from mostly "love" to mostly

Many forms of action are required, but it is important to remember the
focus of this action is "NonViolent Action" (as we have said so many
times before).  We can't encourage you enough to read the background
material at the site: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm

Obviously, this "action" is difficult because so far, only one person
has been directly involved (spent a night in jail).  When the time comes
and another loving mother and father are present -- things will start to
change more quickly.

We should all be reminded of some words from Gandhi,  those who are
overly concerned with 'results' can be paralyzed into inaction or evil action.
(Check the link above).

--- (Andy Duncan)

> You know as well as I do that you are a thorn in their side.  I could
> tell you in a 20 page letter not to go back, but that isn't what I'm
> going to say.

> Go for it.  You are looking at the next couple of weeks in jail, we've
> all been there and done that so take a few good books and your
> toothbrush!  Make sure you have $20.00 on you to buy their essential
> items assuming that they will not provide you with anything that you
> take with you.

> Do bear one thing in mind, you are also dealing with the secret
> service as they are assigned to protect the future candidate of the
> feminist's.  Do not at anytime present them with any type of threat.
> I'm sure I'm repeating what you already know, just had to make sure,

> Call the media in advance and maybe it will get 10 seconds on the
> news.

--- Becky <>

> Mark's divorce has violently thrown off my rose colored glasses about
> the justice system.  In your case, I don't know what to say.  The
> hardest path is often right, but I've also learned that some battles
> just aren't worth it.  News right now is very slow, try contacting the
> media again.  Here's a web site of investigative reporters:


> Good luck!  You will take the right path, I have faith in you.

--- "Brent A Jarrett" <>

> I have read of your efforts for a couple of years now and think I even
> wrote once a long time ago.  Only one thing is worth having it never
> is accompanied by sacrifice.  It is joy.  You know man is that he
> might have....  As you should know by now only you can and will create
> your own joy.  For get the politicians and judges who obviously do and
> always will have a different agenda than you.  Devote all the energy
> you give to a totally worthless legal system and put it to creating
> more joy in your life.  Not sure but from the way you talk that would
> include trying to spend more time with your son. Not to be non-loving
> but so far you seem to find more joy in harassing a system who will
> only relish in taking more of your freedom away.

> Spend your energy in learning to love the mother of your children
> regardless of what you believe she has done to you.  Forgive her and
> your self and God and one day you may even be able to forgive the
> legal system who took your child away from you.  I say may even be
> able to because although I have learned to love my daughters mother
> more than I did when I was married to her, I am not sure if I have
> fully forgiven the legal system, but at least I no longer spend my
> time fighting them.  I now see and spend time with my girls whenever I
> want.  Much better than any court of law is or might ever be inclined
> to give.

> Quit fighting so you can have time for more loving, because some of
> that love with end up for your self.

> A previous victim of our country's legal system.

--- (Kevin Purdy, also contact@AKidsRight.Org)

> In reply to your last newsletter:

> 1. Don't give up. It is what makes you better than 90% of the rest of
> us. You don't just complain, you do something about it.

> 2. The only reason I would advise someone to remain quiet in court is
> if a.) they have nothing important to say or b.) they can't control
> their temper. Neither of these apply to you, so I suggest you make it
> very clear to the judge why you are there. You are quite articulate,
> and your words speak much louder than your silence.

> 3. They have tested you before; I believe they are testing you
> again. They are hoping you will make their jobs easy by just
> disappearing. Your goal is not to make their jobs easier.

> 4. I wish more than anything, that I could join you. Unfortunately, my
> schedule with Madi and my work/school schedule won't allow it, so I
> will have to be content with just sending you moral support.  Hang in
> there and keep fighting the good fight. You are doing the right thing.

> Four words: Dom is worth it.

--- john weaver <>

> I also had a move away. The court allowed my daughters to move 2,000
> miles away from Phoenix to West Virginia and now to Saudi Arabia, even
> though I have joint legal custody. Please do not go down there before
> your hearing date. Quit wasting your time in the federal building, you
> are needed elsewhere.  Senator Clinton is a feminist and perhaps a
> lesbian.  She will never help you, even if she had the power to do
> so. All senators are to busy running for President to help any
> constitute. You could have an impact where it counts if you do not
> always waste your energy on the federal branch. Family court is the
> problem. State laws are the problem. Concentrate your talents there.
> Best Wishes

VERY sorry to hear about your children and your 'expendability' in their
lives.  It is truly an amazing system.  Regarding Senator Clinton, I
have to disagree, she is the perfect focus.  As a group we have to
demonstrate political will -- we have to convince the rest of the nation
that what is happening, to me and you and others -- is very, very wrong
-- but that takes some heavy lifting.  The words we use all indicate a
very basic civil right -- at that level it is a national concern.  Our
rights as citizens.  (I think.)

--- (Tim Taylor)

> I am praying for you and the will of God in this situation for you and
> Dom.  I know how much you love Dom and I hope the Lord will finally
> reward all your efforts to just make some sense out of this whole
> Family Court fiasco.  I don't know how to advise you, but God will
> guide you as He has to this point.  My friend, I will be in training
> starting Wed up in Denver, but will keep you in my prayers.  God Bless
> and God Speed to you John.

--- Walter Weidenbacher <>

> Nothing I could say could even approach the careful and good thought
> you've put into your plight.  We're all on our own in certain ways,
> and perhaps need only to sustain from time to time the *courage of our
> convictions* (speaking for myself).

> Since you ask, I'll throw in the two-cents' worth that crossed my mind
> when I read your questions.

> > 1. Do you have a moral obligation to obey an order that is not >
> "valid."?

> "It is glory to have broken such infamous orders," Adams wrote in his
> diary. "Infamous I say, for so they will be to all posterity."  "John
> Adams" biography by David McCullough, 2001.  See page 283 for the
> particulars (he decided to break with orders from the Continental
> Congress during the War).  Adams also said, "Thanks to God that he
> gave me stubbornness when I know I am right."

> > 4. THE BIG ONE - when I return there on Thursday do I continue > to
> strongly assert my innocence....?

> What did Jesus say to Pontius Pilate, when he knew that all was done
> and said?  The hard part is knowing when all has been done and said.

> Good luck in knowing what is right, and doing it.
> Walter Weidenbacher

> PS: If I may:
>     Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
>     Weep, and you weep alone,
>     For sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
>     But has trouble enough of its own.
>     Sing, and the hills will answer;
>     Sigh, it is lost on the air,
>     The echoes bound to a joyful sound,
>     But shrink from voicing care.
>     Rejoice, and men will seek you;
>     Grieve, and they turn and go.
>     They want full measure of all your pleasure.
>     But they do not need your woe.
>     Be glad, and your friends are many;
>     Be sad, and you lose them all---
>     There are none to decline your nectar'd wine,
>     But alone you must drink life's gall.
>     Feast, and your halls are crowded;
>     Fast, and the world goes by.
>     Succeed and give, and it helps you live,
>     But no man can help you die.
>     There is room in the halls of pleasure
>     For a large and lordly train,
>     But one by one we must all file on
>     Through the narrow aisles of pain.

>     Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1855 - 1919)

--- Brad Herman <>

> Profess your innocence!  You do not want anything on record implying
> that you are guilty of anything, even if it's some vague, "gray" thing
> that is invalid.  The reason is that the family system will use this
> against you in the future.  Unfortunately, this is the system.  It
> should be fought against with rigor, but you shouldn't sacrifice more
> "family court damage" to win over the system.  This will take time.
> You can fight them later.  Worry about now just this once!!!

--- "Ware, Jean" <>

> Were with you John.  My step-kids are in GA, we pay so much child
> support we cant afford airfare to have visitation.  We pay twice as
> much as she pays in rent and her family makes as much as our family.
> We also have to pay 100% medical, dental (including orthodontics), and
> prescriptions.  She moved the kids out of state and kept their
> location secret for almost 2 years.  When her husband got off of
> parole, she petitioned for the arrearage.  We had to pay back
> child-support for this period, plus interest.
> God Bless our mission!
> Jean Ware- MN


>    Because you are only "entitled" to a Bench trial, my concern is
>    that > sooner or later the Judge will get so tired of dealing with
>    you that he'll throw > you in jail for a very long time with
>    multiple sentences to run consecutive. The > Courts really don't
>    give a hoot about your Rights should you become such a > thorn in
>    their side.

--- Teresa <>

> Go to the building on Thursday and good luck!  Hopefully you will make
> an impression on the judge and attorney who are using their power to
> silence a peaceful citizen who is merely asking for change.  Their
> attitudes are clearly un-American and go against our country's belief
> in democracy and freedom.  Surely the Judge and Attorney can see that
> they are wrong in using their power to shut you up.  

> Perhaps they will learn a lesson from this case and become better
> people as a result.  Maybe they will be forced to examine the role
> they play as judge and accuser and grow spiritually because of it.  Be
> strong and know that you are doing the right thing.

--- Carol Vargo <>

> I have been following your story on the web, and I missed alot, also.
> But I just read your recap.  I hope and pray for you.  Remember what
> our Lord said about when your adversary takes you to court, don't
> worry about what you are going to say, the Holy Spirit will give you
> the words.  I am going to court, finally after being denied my right
> to a hearing, and they took my son away, and gave physical custody to
> my abusive ex-husband.  This happened in Nov 1999, My son is 55 miles
> away, and I have limited visitation. He is now almost 14 years old,
> has been away from his brother and sister for those years, and has
> seen and heard way to much of anger and abuse.  I do have visitation,
> but my abusive ex-husband is just that, abusive.  My son has called the
> police several times, but nothing happens, as my ex-husband says he was
> just disciplining his son, and Jonathan is overreacting. That is what
> my ex-husband said, everytime he would hit me, or scream at myself and
> my daughter.  We are crazy and overreacting. 

> ...  I know you say, at least I see my son, but he was taken away
> on trumped up lies and charges against my for alienating Jon from his
> father, which is not true.  I just remember that God is always for
> justice.  I have this stubborn determination to see justice done.  I
> have been put in jail and handcuffed when they took my son away, but I
> could not demonstrate as you did, because I had to work, and I lived
> 55 miles away.  I wish I could have walked the halls with my son's
> picture.  The judge who took my son away, Judge Ann McCormack is no
> longer in family court.  And the next judge, Judge Derman, who denied
> my right to a hearing, and Jon's right to a Guardian Ad Litem is gone
> also, (she was also friends with the first judge).  So, I pray.  I
> pray for the truth to come out.  I pray for my son to come home.  I
> will pray for justice for you.  I pray for all of the children.  I
> pray.  I will pray for your words, I will be thinking of your fight,
> on your day.  tell me of the miracle that happens on your day in
> court.  God go with you.  Walk in His light.

--- Leonard M Brown <>

> I think you need to seriously organize a public education campaign AND
> a full legal campaign.  Getting yourself arrested is not making the
> point: most people don't care about men ... their lives, their
> conditions or any injustices heaped upon them!  I won't detail this
> statement except to say that men's rights in or out of prison are
> considered oxymoronic, and it's gotten worse since "feminism" has
> devolved into misandry.  Women don't care about men's rights
> ... mothers just care about their sons!

> The full fight is 1.  child support - amounts, full tax deductibility
> and full female accountability, 2.  full custody by the
> men/fathers/ex-husbands, 3.  the wholly unnecessary chained
> "slave-like" treatment of men when they're rounded up - like cattle or
> runaway slaves, because of "child support", etc.  I'm certain that
> Warren Farrell and other ethical authors, male and female, can itemize
> and identify the legal and social statutes that must be overturned in
> this contest.

> Clinton is not going to do these things.  Clinton is not going to
> champion these things.  You waste your time thinking she will.

> Go to your local, state and then federal officials first; have the
> statutes overturned city by city, and state by state.  You're like a
> baby with no teeth - you've got to eat small bites of soft food first,
> before you bite hard pretzels!

> Have men's magazines become the forum for this question and these
> issues: Men's Health, one of my favorites, recently did an
> outstanding, long article on the misandrist disgrace of the child
> support laws.  They've also quoted Warren in several articles on men's
> relationships with women ... and it's to their advantage to support
> men who are their subscribers anyway.  They already have the
> distribution lists, the websites, the support industries and the PR
> apparatus in place: be their ally!

> That's all I can suggest to you ... hire a pro lawyer to fight in the
> courts, not you yourself.  You don't want to go to jail ...

Thanks for the message and it makes a lot of sense if the approach was
different.  I know you have been on the list for a while and the
essential part of this effort is NonViolent Action, demonstrating the
willingness to sacrifice for what you believe in, without anger or
hatred.  Actually, Clinton is the perfect person, but we have to help
her see a different perspective to the issue. Parents that love their
children and public momentum behind that.

Many folks are working on the avenues you mention, but we also need
"public action" -- it seems crucial in a Civil Right's issue.  What I am
doing may not 'work', and that is the element of sacrifice, but it does
need to be done.

--- "Timothy Himes" <>

> I know that you want this to be short and that you are about to have a
> great deal more problems on your hands. I say this because i truly
> respect what you are doing and what you are trying to do. So, who am i
> and how do i relate to this?

> John, about a year ago, i got involved with a married woman who was
> having serious marital troubles. I was told by her that she "Fealt"
> That the certificate or marriage was nothing more to her than a piece
> of paper. Well, that little piece of paper is a great deal more than
> just that.  She and i lived together for eight months, he husband had
> been kicked out. She NEVER actually started the legal process.

> To make a long story short as possible, she and her husband used me to
> get her pregnant. They never finalized the divorce. They never even
> actually went to court to start the divorce. She was pregnant with my
> child (I believe this with all my heart and soul.) So, we seperated
> four months into her pregnancy, i set her up with an apartment to live
> in. She moved her husband in with her. HIS NAME was NEVER on the
> lease, it was MY name, though i did not live there.

Wow, that is pretty amazing stuff!

> Anyhow, it came to my attention that she intended to leave the
> state. This is when the "Shit" hit the fan. I went to court and sued
> her for a blood test to prove that it was my child. I was denied.
> Family Law section 7611 set for the "Law" Saying that I, as a man who
> is NOT HER husband and NOT providing for her, have NO rights to the
> child she carried and thus by law the husband is "Presumed" To be the
> father.

VERY sorry to hear that and if you don't have a lot of money you just
can't fight things in court.

> John, i lost all rights to my child legally before she was even
> born. I heard her cry only one time on the phone. Her father even
> called me and told me that the child was born on the day that the
> child was born. That child was named Sage Lynn Anne Marie Kondley. Her
> "Husband" Even has an arrest record for attempted murder which was
> dropped to a misdemeanor. The court sent me a letter, they never even
> made the call in court while i was there AND they informed the mother
> and her husband that they had won the case before i was ever privy to
> any informatiion. My daughter was born on October the 26th, 2002, she
> weighed 7 pounds 4.6 ounces and she was 19 and 3/4 inches long. I
> heard her cry only once.... on the phone when i called the mother to
> tell her that she won. I was angry... very very angry. Part of me
> still is, another part of me died that day.

> John, i truely do believe in what you are trying to do. Key
> word.. "Trying" To do. And you must understand that i respect that
> with more than you could ever believe. But like my attourney told
> me...  "You are fighting a battle that you cannot and will not
> win. You are trying to break into an institution that others are
> fighting tooth and nail to get out of. It's like trying to break INTO
> prison where as everyone else is trying to break out."  I feel that
> your battle is not fruitless, but i feel that what you are
> doing... may very well be costing your own son more than you
> know. Your child will know that his father fought for him, and each
> time, his father was put in jail... your child will come to learn and
> to understand that he has a very loving father who is fighting the
> system, he is literally fighting the government, be it
> peacefully... but you are fighting. You are doing what so many of us
> want so bad for someone to do, to stand up for us! to stand up for
> parents rights to their own children.  ... and your child will see how
> many times you have failed or gotten no where, or have even been sent
> so far backward...  You have earned respect. You are a man of
> honor. You are a man who has virtues and ideals that are so
> admirable.... you love your child so much that you are literally
> torturing yourself....

Yes, there is some truth to that.  I don't have any idea what the final
results will be and not to many people will notice.  But my son will
know and I will know.

> ..... John, when my daughter turns eighteen years old.. she will be a
> legal adult.... I pray to god that i will be able to find her...  When
> yrou son turns eighteen years of age, he will legally be able to make
> his own choices. .. so many years will have been lost.... so many more
> with you going to jail.... so much time... lost.  Time that could be
> used to prepare for your child's future to the best of your god give
> abilities. I believe in what you are doing. I believe in your
> cause. But i also feel that it is a cuse that will not bring about
> change in this lifetime. I do not want you to give up the fight. But i
> pray to whatever god you believe and hold true, to whatever force of
> nature that exists.. i pray that you will be united with your son, on
> you and your son's own terms. I pray that you will be able to sit down
> like father and son and be together as much as you can both handle and
> achieve.  I also pray that one day i will meet and come to know my
> daughter.. and i pray to all that is good and true in this world and
> beyond.. i pray that she will come to know that I am her father. That
> I love her more that life itself. But for now.... i am being held back
> by laws, and people, and forces that are far beyond my own individual
> ability to defeat, to change....

I don't think you are being honest there?  Those are big words, "more
than life itself".  If that is true, you park yourself everyday in front
of the Courthouse.  You starting getting those laws changed.  Nothing is
hold you back -- you just don't have Faith that it will make a
difference, "why beat my head against a wall?"

I don't mean to sound harsh. I haven't done everything I should either,
but I think I'm honest about that.  You need to be honest about that.
When you do see your daughter and she asks you why you didn't do more --
please don't say the system held me back, just tell her your sorry, you
didn't have the Faith or the confidence.  Why bet the house if you might
lose?..... and that is OKAY. We are just flesh and blood and sometimes
life gives us a pretty full plate and we get bowled over.  Obviously,
you can still go for it.  It is never too late.

> John, one day there will be a change. But that day will not come soon
> and you have done your part.. you are doing far more than anyone
> should ever have to or ever have had to....  keep your faith and
> maintain your beliefs and stand tall when you walk down the street but
> know... know that the truth is a sickening thing. And the truth is
> simple and it is pure and it is ugly. That truth John, is that you are
> a man who is not fighting for change against one magistrate, not
> against one judge, not against one senator, you are not fighting
> against one law or one group of laws. You are literally fighting
> against the history of this entire country's laws. A system that
> makes our country both equally great and wondrous... and equally
> flawed and unjust, and cruel.  You John, with all your backing and all
> the people who believe in what you are doing, are fighting a war using
> peaceful weapons.... John, you are using a knife in a gun fight. A gun
> fight not against one opponent, but many and hundreds that you can't
> ever see.

I guess the perspective is Faith in a loving God -- the number or size
of the opponents don't matter.  I struggle with my Faith everyday.  The
consequences of what I am doing could be absolutely disastrous, I could
lose just about everything.  But even one person can make a difference,
but nothing happens if you don't try.  I encourage you to read the stuff
on NonViolent action at the site,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm -- but it is about Faith and
some folks don't feel comfortable with that -- and they may be right!

> If you put so much of your time, so much more of who you are.. than you will 
> utterly lose that passion as you grow older and as you tire of fighting up 
> hill. SAVE that energy, save it for you and for your child later in life! 
> Save it for the things that are to come. I am NOT telling you to give up, i 
> am NOT telling you to give in and i am NOT telling you to let THEM win....
> I am telling you to stay whole, as whoel as you can and not to allow your 
> dreams and aspirations to die in a battle that cannot be won at this time.
> One day it will be won. But that time is not now.
> If you really and truly want to make a very drastic and serious change... 
> then get your ass in line at the poles and start bringing in votes to put 
> YOU in office, or put those YOU believe in... into office. Clinton doesn't 
> care about you or your child. She may sympathize.... but your life is not 
> hers. She has not lived it. She cannot possibly understand what you are 
> going through.
> To make a change, you must have power. To obtain power you must have 
> backing.

> I too learned a valuable lesson the day that i saw our current president 
> standing not more than three feet from me BEFORE he ever held the office of 
> president. I learned, that he too is just a man. But a man with a LOT of 
> backing and with that backing comes POWER....
> Power to make change, Power to address issues of serious concern.
> John, you will NOT win by fighting this war the way that you are fighting 
> it. You must find different terrain in order to obtain your goals... you 
> must find a way to fight this war from a different angle. Going to jail 
> repeatedly only gets you a damned recond that THEY will maintain and keep 
> track of.

> I wish you the best of luck and i pray to god that i am wrong about you not 
> being able to win.....  not at this time....

> T.J. Himes

You may be very right.  I want to thank you for a good message, you
reflect some very sound points and you say it well.  Many, many people
will share your feelings -- but we have to try.  I must also say that
our attitudes can be a function of background.  I was a former Air Force
Pilot ...  My son certainly deserves the same measure of devotion.

--- "Carolynn J. Middleton BABSc" <>

> ... At some point, during the proceedings, you may be permitted to
respectfully request, to make a statement.  Have you thought of
including the following: 

> ------------------------------<>------------------------------

> Your honor, learned Prosecution, respected members of this Court...

> I stand here today, accused of committing crimes that I am not guilty
> of.  These charges have been brought against me, in the hopes of
> deterring me from a sacred duty to bring forth a matter that should be
> of grave concern to the American Public.  I am not a violent man, nor
> am I a disrespectful one.  Nothing I have done, thus far, may be
> construed to incorporate such accusations against me.  I have been
> formally accused of literally thumbing my nose at our American
> Judicial System, yet it has been the common practice of this Judicial
> System to thumb its' nose at my rights and freedoms, under a
> Constitution that has faithfully served this country, for more than
> two hundred years.

Do I need to insult them?  Is that what is at issue?
> If a child comes to a parent and asks for help, with a problem, and
> that parent slaps the child down, this righteously qualifies as, "
> Abuse ".  If a child has a need and the parent ignores such a need,
> that righteously qualifies as, " Neglect ".  Yet our own system of
> Government and Judiciary has slapped me down and ignored my needs,
> since the day my child was first taken from me.  Has the Government,
> the Judiciary and this Court adopted a policy of Abuse and Neglect, as
> I am slapped down and neglected?

> ... Unlike a violent protestor, a radical anarchist or an evil terrorist,
> I have tried to follow and respect the rules of conduct, to bring my
> concerns, to the attention of those, who claim to serve the will of
> the People, and for this I am being persecuted, out of sheer
> expediency.  It seems the Leaders of this Great Country, believe they
> have better things to do, than to serve the will of the people.

> And so, I stand here before you, guilty of being a pest, a nuisance,
> a thorn in the side of every politically ambitious, self righteous
> dignitary, who feels they are better than I, more American than I, with
> more important things to do than serve you, me and everyone else,
> whether they voted for them or not.

I just don't know.  The words just aren't real.  We live in a democracy.
Senator Clinton is a busy person with a lot of issues to deal with that
the public cares about.  She is a good politician.  The fact is parents
have yet to form a united front.  Nothing has captured the public
imagination.  Most parents who don't have their kids see reform as
getting the get back from the other parent and let them suffer (abusive
bums).  Since I have been outside the Senators office, a total of 4
people have stopped by her office?

> You see... I stand here, before this honorable court, not as an
> anarchist, hell bent to thumb my nose at the Law, our system of
> Government and/or our Judicial System, but I stand here, in
> representation of all of you; a pest and a nuisance to those who
> would neglect and abuse me, my lawful rights and freedoms.  What you
> do to me, this day, you do to each and everyone of you.

> ... Therefore, I stand here and respectfully submit, before this great
> Court of Justice, in asking the simple question, that begs to be
> submitted, " How would any of you proceed, if your plight were mine?"
> I sincerely welcome and invite any and all suggestions, comments
> and/or advice, that anyone, in this honorable court might have...

> In closing, ladies and gentlemen, I ask all of you to ponder that
> question.

> As you do, I remind all of you that our Great Country's rebellion was
> founded upon the premise of a King, in England, who refused to
> acknowledge the citizens in this land, in; taxation without
> representation, refusing to even listen to the pleadings of those
> colonists.  Those colonists who begged for the attentions of a King,
> who found it more expedient to ignore and slap down his subjects, in
> the colonies.  And now, I stand before you, this day, feeling that my
> pleadings and attentions are being ignored and I am being abused.  I
> am threatened to be imprisoned for advocating my constitutional rights
> and freedoms; constitutional rights and freedoms that American men and
> women, all over the world, have fought and died, to protect and
> preserve.  The decision, you make here this day will fall into one of
> two categories;

> 1) that you will follow in the traditions of a despot Monarchy

>                             - or -

> 2) that you recognize the severe implications of this matter and will
> uphold a Constitution, that has been that landmark precedence, upon
> which this Great Nation was founded and currently holds.

Thanks for taking the time to write.  You reflect the views of a lot of
people out there, they are common themes.  They may be quite valid in
other efforts and methods.  But if this effort is about NonViolent
Action, then ridiculing the person we hope to convert may not help?


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