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National CRC Conference / Questions for the Candidate / NonViolent Action - Murtari arrested

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From: Webmaster (webmaster@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 16:54:35 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith:

This message contains information on:

1. Children's Rights Council - conference in November.
2. Questions for the Candidate - waiting for answers.
3. NonViolent Action - Murtari jailed outside offices of Senator Clinton.

1. Children's Rights Council - conference in November.
Submitted by: David Levy <>

> The Children's Rights Council will hold its 14th national conference
> November 6-8, 2003 at the Ramada Inn, a free shuttle ride from the
> Baltimore Washington Airport.  

> Speakers will include Richard Warshak, Kathleen Parker, Ron Henry,
> Sherri Heller (federal child support commissioner) and many others on
> topics including joint custody, access (visitation), interference
> with access, a "balanced view of domestic violence," alienation, and
> other hot topics.  

> See full conference agenda at Low cost
> registration and hotel rooms.-- purposely kept low because we know
> that our folks are not on expense accounts.  CRC conferences are
> always interesting, informative, and provide terrific networking.

2. Questions for the Candidate - waiting for answers.
As we mentioned in a prior list message we did send some questions
to Dr. Warren Farrell, a candidate for California Governor,

He was nice enough to give us an immediate reply, but wasn't sure
when he would be able to supply answers.  Below are the questions
we sent in our original message to him:

-- To: Warren Farrell

1. In your "thesis" you mention "equal parenting" after a divorce.
When you have two parents who don't get along and at least one "hates"
the other -- how is this implemented?  What major changes would you
propose to present California Family Law?  When their are allegations
of "bad parenting" or "abuse" when/how is "equal parenting" affected?

2. Regarding "child protective" agencies which separate parents and
children -- has the system gone too far?  Is it too easy for a social
worker to interfere in family life?  Would you propose any changes to
current laws?

3. Are both of the preceding item "state" issues alone?  Is there a
basic level where you feel basic human/civil rights are involved?
Should there be Federal protections/legislation?
4. In the "action photos" section of your web site there is a picture
of a group (mostly men) with the only visible signs saying: "Victims
are cheated by excusing violent females" and "Feminist trained Cops &
Judges batter men"

Your "thesis" seem to say we need to get rid of victim mentality and
correct excesses of the past -- do these types of signs represent the
fix?  Do you think these types of signs/expressions are useful in a
political campaign?  You have identified yourself as a "Father's
issues" candidate -- is that label important for political success?

5. You are a well known author and a "brand name" for many people.  How
hard has it been to get help in your campaign?  How many people have
shown up for your rallies? Is it what you expected?  Your web site
allows people to make financial contributions -- outside of
family/friends and others that know you personally, how many people
have contributed money to the campaign?

6. Anything else you would like to share with us?

3. NonViolent Action - Murtari jailed outside offices of Senator Clinton.
John Murtari returned to the Syracuse Federal building to again
peacefully petition Senator Clinton.  He was taken into custody by
security staff, arraigned by a Federal Magistrate, and release.  
We will have more details at the site as they become available.  
For a complete background:

----- Following letter was faxed to the Senator's Scheduling Office
----- Their phone number is: 202-224-4451

26 Sep 2003

Office of Scheduling 
Senator Hillary R. Clinton

Dear Ms. Volmoro:

I was contact by Alex from the scheduling office several weeks ago and
told to resubmit our groups request for a meeting with Senator
Clinton. I'll be involved in peaceful activity outside your Syracuse
office again on Wednesday, October 1st, other parents may join me.

We are having a hard time getting any "traction" on our concerns with
the Senator. I certainly understand how busy all of you must be and the
many constraints on her schedule. The Senator is certainly a powerful
force on family issues and we'd like to arrange a meeting so that she
can here first hand the experiences of loving parents who have lost
meaningful contact with their children. Please reference the two
attached prior letters for more detail.

Our goal for the meeting is not confrontation or to quiz the Senator on
some of these issues. As a first step we just want to give her a chance
to hear from people affected by our "systems" of family law. We hope
that will start a dialog with her office and she will be encouraged to
call for Congressional Hearings into the need for reform at the
national level. Again, we are not asking her to immediately take a
position on the need for reform (or what the reforms might be) - but to
just start the investigative process. We hope this is a reasonable

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Best regards!

John Murtari Coordinator, AKidsRight.Org 
315-635-1968,x-211 (office) 
315-430-2702 (cell)


Letter to Senator Clinton, Dec 22, 2002 

Letter to US Magistrate DiBianco, July 31, 2003 


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