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Our Petition Photos & Stories to Senator Hillary R. Clinton

This page has a collection of the names and pictures of parents & children unjustly separated.  We have posted the most recent photos at the top of the page.  These pages are our "petition" to Senator Clinton to encourage her to personally meet with parents.  They are placed on a simple card about 9"x12" in size and carried in the hall outside her offices.  Click here for info on our campaign. To the right of each image we have their names and their story (a link to our Hall of Shame page when available).

Last update: 06/11/08 (click on the photos below to get a larger image). You are welcome to send your photo and story to:
c/o Software Workshop Inc.
55 E. Genesee St.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

What our most recent petition looks like (front and back shown below):

This was a new petition created by Cathy Hughes of her children Rich & Lisa. It made the TV News when she carried it on Jan 25 in front of the US Federal Building in Syracuse. (click here for details)


Tim Joyce & Gary Taubar

John Murtari & Dr. Malcolm Hatfield

Mounted front and  back on a small card, total size about 6x10 inches.
Click on the photos for larger images. 


(Read more about them below).

Dr. Malcolm Hatfield & Family

Read their story here.

Mr. Timothy Joyce & Family

Could not see his child for 642 days because of an  "allegation" based on an admitted lie. (

Mr. Gary Taubar & Family

His child was abducted by the other parent and disappeared -- he is finding it hard to get help. (

Mr. John Murtari & Family

Read their story here.

What a recent petition looked like used in the Fall of 2002 (front and back shown below):

Some of the pictures to be carried in building.

Children of Mary Jo Marceau Hawthorne
John and Domenic Murtari

Children of Richard Eichinger
Family of Dr. Malcom Hatfield (MD)

Mounted front and  back on a small card, total size about 7x11 inches.
Click on photos for larger images.

An even earlier version of a petition carried in 1999.  Well dressed, quiet, and with a smile!

Dom on a Rock